Acrylic Tubs

Acrylic is becoming one of the most popular tub materials for those who want a sleek stylish look at an affordable price. Acrylic advantages include ease of maintenance, resilience, design flexibility, lasting colors, high-gloss finish, strength and durability, anti-microbial and it is light-weight and affordable. Be sure to check out our large selection of acrylic freestanding tubs.

Cast Iron Tubs

Cast iron is a classic, timeless bathtub material.  Cast iron is very durable, resistant to chipping and scratching, has excellent heat retention, and has the advantage of the ability to be resurfaced.  For a sturdy, timeless look in your bathroom, visit our large selection of cast iron freestanding tubs.

Stone Resin Tubs

Stone resin tubs are produced by molding together minerals, polymeric materials and resins to form a solid material, creating a strong, yet lighter than cast iron, tub  These tubs can come in many colors and design options, scratches can be buffed out, they are easy to clean and stain-resistant.  for a sleek, modern feel, check out our selection of stone resin freestanding tubs.

Floor Mounted Faucets

Floor mounted faucets bring a charm and elegance to your bathroom.  Whether you prefer the “old-world” look of our Santorini, or the modern classic lines of the Atlantis, we are sure you will find the perfect floor mounted faucet to compliment your freestanding tub.