Wholesale Expo is Atlanta’s hidden gem for builders, landlords, contractors, property managers, renovators, and homeowners alike, and YOU have been missing out! Having built a solid growing business through word-of-mouth and strong customer relationships, we’ve filled a niche providing bulk buying power for customers who want to stretch their dollar, as well as have a direct relationship with “the guy in charge.”

Wholesale Expo is a family owned & operated business located in Newnan, Georgia. The owner’s philosophy is that if he offers the right products, passes along the savings to each client versus keeping a larger profit, and develops a strong relationship with them, then he will have a repeat customer for life. You simply won’t find a better direct relationship with your supplier.  But, taking care of the customer is still only a part of it.

Wholesale Expo is continually adding to its network of resources for great deals and purchasing power.  This, coupled with a simple, low-overhead operation; and decision to have a profit margin lower than that of larger, standard retail operations enables us to help you save substantially off retail.  There is no harm in giving us a try — We are confident it will leave you saying what we hear from our customers all the time ……  “I wish I’d known about you sooner!”