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Grip-Rite ComboPro Diamond WET Core Bit - TL1

  • $ 2200
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Grip-Rite® 1IN Wet Use Core Bit


  • Grip-Rite® ComboPro® Premium WET Use Core Bit - 14” Barrel
  • Grip-Rite® Standard ATB (Alternate Tooth Beveled) edge segment design allows for faster drilling speeds and better bit tracking
  • High tooth count on wet cutting core bits provide for smooth, fast efficient cuts even in rebar imbedded concrete
  • Turbo segment allows for faster drilling speeds due to less drag
  • Laser-welded segments provide better durability and life under extreme drilling conditions


  • Arbor - 5/8in x 11 Thread
  • Segment - .125IN Thick X 8MM Height