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Gator-Skin Synthetic Roof Underlayment

  • $ 4500
  • Save $ 2000

Gator-Skin Synthetic Roof Underlayment is a high quality roofing underlayment designed to shed water off your roof and away from your home. It provides a secondary layer of protection against wind, moisture, and other elements and replaces the use of #15 and #30 organic roofing felt under asphalt shingles, residential metal and cedar shake roofing materials. Gator-Skin Synthetic Roof Underlayment is manufactured using a three layer construction that won’t tear or wrinkle like traditional products, even when soaking wet. Its tough and durable composition can withstand the desert heat, pouring rains, high winds and ice and snow! It also utilizes Safe-Step Technology which is designed to provide enhanced traction and walkability. Gator-Skin Synthetic Roof Underlayment is the ideal underlayment for professional roofing contractors that demand performance.

  • High traction, Safe-Step Technology
  • Wrinkle-free surface, even when wet
  • Won't tear or rip like organic felts
  • Cooler working surface
  • Enhanced UV-120 day exposure
  • Easy to use cap-nail pattern

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