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Why Should You Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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It’s not often that a flooring checks off all the boxes, but luxury vinyl plank floors are beautiful and versatile enough to fit in any almost room. For busy households or high traffic commercial buildings, luxury vinyl plank flooring is tough enough to handle a lot of foot traffic—just one of many reasons to consider luxury vinyl plank floors for your home or business.

  • Looks and feel very real– It’s incredible how real Luxury vinyl looks, especially engineered vinyl plank.  Many of my customers mistake it for hardwood.  Also, with the thicker/more rigid planks, it feels more like a real floor.
  • Waterproof– Yes, this is a huge benefit as it holds up to moisture and water.  So, engineered luxury vinyl is a great selection for areas prone to water, such as kitchens, basements, and mudrooms.
  • Can be installed on top of virtually any surface(as long as it’s flat).  Engineered luxury vinyl can go on top of concrete, plywood, and tile.  It can even go on top of radiant heat.  Engineered Vinyl Plank can go on top of concrete, plywood, vinyl and even tile.
  • Saves you money– Generally, this is less expensive vs hardwood or tile,  And, you can often avoid tile rip up which can add a lot to your labor costs)
  • Gives more insulation and sound proofing vs glue down vinyls and laminate.
  • Easier on your feet.  Yes, luxury vinyl planks are much more comfortable on your feet, and it feels as if you are walking on a real floor. 
  • Does not require tile removal.  You usually do not need to rip up tile or other surfaces (unless they are crumbling or falling apart).  If there is a height restriction (e.g. due to appliances), you may consider ripping up what you have, but it’s usually not necessary.
  • Fits into kitchens with cabinets already installed– It’s easier (as it’s thinner), so you usually won’t run into height restrictions with appliances (especially dishwashers).  Sometimes, solid hardwood or tile adds too much height if you already have the cabinets installed before the flooring. 
  • Relatively easy to repair and super easy to clean.  Most all-purpose cleaners will work.  If you get damaged planks, you can pop them out and replace them.  Compare this to cracked tiles which are is next to impossible to repair.  And, if you decide in 20 years to replace the floor, it is easy to rip up (I don’t mean to imply that you will need to replace them at 20 years, but if you want a color change, this flooring is easy to rip up and replace).  
  • Great stylish colors – They have many great options for grays, as well as farmhouse or distressed looks.  In these colors/styles, it’s often more challenging and/or expensive to find in hardwood and tile.  - Posted by TheFlooringGirl, Jan 31, 2019
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