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When A Door Is Not Just A Door

Posted by William Nowell on

What is the purpose of a door?  A doors’ only purpose is to make it possible for people to enter or exit a building, to be able to lock out certain elements and to let others in.  According to the Urban Dictionary, “Doors are wonderful magical things that give you privacy but also open up a whole world for you.”  But is that all a door is good for?

No, no, no. There are so many beautiful and cool ideas to use a door for.  With this gorgeous warmer weather comes DIY season (or honey please quickly do… season). Let’s take a look at just a few of the projects you can do around the house with a door, a hammer, some nails and a gallon of paint.


  1. Build a table.  You just need a door, 4 legs and a piece of glass (optional).  Don’t stop at a dining room table, create coffee tables, side tables, buffets, bedside tables, desks, work benches and on and on.
  2. Create a beverage station 
  3. Build a bookcase / display rack 
  4. Hall / mudroom organizer 
  5. Picture frame 
  6. Clock -  Just buy your clock parts, paint the doors, drill a hole through the door to fit the working parts and PRESTO, your own custom clock.
  7. Floor mirror
  8. Organizational chalk board
  9. Outdoor swing / bench 
  10. Sitting area or “secret gardens”
  11. Arch or arbor
  12. Outdoor potting bench
  13. Planting boxes

Don’t let basic function get in the way of your imagination!  If you can imagine it, you can probably build it with a door.  Wholesale Expo has a huge variety of doors and interior slab doors start at only $15!  Stop by the warehouse to see what we have and get your summer DIY on!

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