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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2019: Part 2

Posted by William Nowell on

After choosing your color scheme and backsplash, it is time to choose your cabinets.
If you believe that a kitchen renovation should focus most on a) the look and b) the feel of new products, then choosing new cabinets is one of the best ways to go about it. Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse on a daily basis and are often seen to be loose on their hinges which gives the whole kitchen a dated and ignored look. Also, remember that when it comes to the cabinet, the choices are plenty even if you are on a tight budget and have the basic tooling expertise (in short, tighten screws properly!).
Ready to assemble (RTA) come in a flat pack along with all the hardware needed for assembly. One of the biggest advantages of RTA kitchen idea is that it saves you a substantial cost on labor charges thereby allowing you extra room to spend on quality products. At the bottom of the price list are medium density fiberboard (MDF). Also known as engineered wood, substrate, hardboard, etc., they are all made by pressing wood particles together at high temperature with glue. While being an affordable option, it’s durability is often compromised.
On the other end of the scale are solid wood drawers with dovetail joinery that look good and last long. In short, cabinets with white melamine-coated particle board cabinet boxes and drawers and flat panel doors are signs of cheap quality while veneered plywood, hardwood frames, solid wood doors of expensive, durable quality. Posted in KBR Kitchen & Bath, Jan. 21, 2019
Add a kitchen island and open up your space.
No matter how small or large, a kitchen island occupies a focal point in your kitchen and hence, are often the most focused item when it comes to a kitchen renovation.
But remember that you don’t want a very big island that looks out of place. For foot traffic, leave about 36 to 48 inches of space on all sides. The size and the nature of the kitchen island are often dictated by what purpose it will serve.
For example, if you plan to serve snacks or use this space for wine sessions, leave proper legroom and surface area for each person. About 24 inches of width might be enough for each person. Consider leaving 9 to 13 inches of clearance between your knees and the bottom of the counter for the necessary legroom. While designing, match the counter height with the seating you use. Customizing your island can make it more user-friendly and diverse without adding costs, For example, if your kitchen island also doubles as a workspace, consider adding electrical outlets to make sure people can charge their phones or plug in a speaker. There a number of kitchen island ideas that can get you moving.  Posted in KBR Kitchen & Bath, Jan. 21, 2019
Your kitchen cabinets can be used in so many interesting ways, so look around, get inspiration.  These gorgeous examples of kitchen cabinets used to create island seating is one great way to open up your living/eating space, keeping the family together and engaged at meal times or creating an inviting entertaining kitchen.
Wholesale Expo has a large selection of gorgeous, ALL WOOD quality cabinets available.  We are here to help you every step of the way, from measuring your space to design and even installation if needed. Our cabinets start at 35-40% off retail value so be sure to check us out first when beginning your kitchen remodel.

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